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The Witcher Collection

The Witcher Collection

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7 WC1 Geralt of Rivia - orangeish yellow with orange glow to match his eyes

WC2 triple temp changer to match her eyes. Purple with flakes

WC3 Ciri of Centra - solid deep turquoise to match her cloak

WC4 Toss A Coin To Your Witcher - temperature changer medium grey to darker medium grey 

WC5 Golden Dragon - gold mixed glitter

WC6 The Law of Surprise - holo rainbow silver glitter 2 different sizes

WC7 F%#K! - Solid Deep Grey with a slight bluish tint in some light

WC8 Dandelion - Shimmer Deep Turquoise base with burgundy tinsel and flakes

WC9 Calenthe the Lioness - sheer nude shimmer base with fine chameleon glitter (reds. Yellows, oranges)

WC10 BONUS: Henry Cavill is a god!

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