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Tinted Lip Oils

Tinted Lip Oils

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Tinted lip oils. 

Instructions: apply to lips for a slight color and 💋 enjoy how silky soft they become.



Strawberry - luscious sugary 🍓 strawberry flavoring. A beautiful shimmery strawberry pink color. 

Brown Sugar - straight from the kitchen, the taste of brown sugar as you lick your lips. A copper shimmery color. 

Cotton Candy - Who doesn't love cotton candy? Tastes just like you are at a summer fair or carnival. Changes from blue to pink with a teal shimmer on your lips. 

Cherry Bomb - Red solid with a blast of cherries. 

Coffee - A creamy brown with the taste of fresh roasted coffee. 

Vanilla Frosting - Shimmery champagne that tastes just like vanilla frosting. 

Orange Cream Dream - a mix of vanilla & fresh orange. Shimmery orange.  

Chocolate Mousse - Shimmery milk chocolate. 

Mermaid Shimmer - Colorshifting purples, blus, greens, pinks super shimmery. The flavor is sweet tarts & fruit loops. 

Unicorn - Cotton Candy, Bubblegum, Cherry, Strawberry, Watermelon sugary goodness. In a iridescent opal color. 

Citris - 🍊 Orange Shimmer with fresh squeezed orange flavor. 


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