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The Tiger King Collection

The Tiger King Collection

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TK1 Tiger K. - clear base with orange, gold and black foils


TK2 Dethroned - glitter mixed base with jewel tones foils and glitters


TK3 Prince Albert - skin toned shimmery beige with silver space jewels


TK4 Cool Cats & Kittens - Matte Neon glitters in a clear base


TK5 Exotic - the colors of Joe's tiger jacket. Silvers, Turquoise, Purple foils and fine holographic silver glitter


TK6 Broke As Sh#t! - a beautiful orange and pink foils dip with copp

er glitterCOOL CATS & KITTENS TK4 - Matte Neon glitters in a clear base 

BROKE AS SH#T! TK6 - We pride ourselves in capturing the essence of the show and the characters! You will love all of these. One of our amazing admins helped with these!

TK6 Broke As Sh#t! - a beautiful orange and pink foils dip with copper glitter

Pour your foil dip into cupcake liner. Apply a thin layer of base on all 10 fingers after prep. This helps your first foil layer adhere to the nail better and makes a smoother application. Apply a second layer of base on the first finger you are doing. Lay your finger into the foil dip and gently rock it to get coverage. Gently press the later down with your finger or a glitter/foil pressing tool (3d printed - we sell). Repeat layers until desired look is acheived. Apply a layer of clear before activating, this will help the foils not to bleed. 

You can apply foils using Gel Liquids, this will prevent the foils to bleeding altogether. 





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