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Rocky Horror Collection

Rocky Horror Collection

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Magenta RH1 - Solid Magenta 

Sweet Transylvanian RH2 - Black shimmer with flecks of silver 

Columbia RH3 Multicolored fine glitter silver base

Hot Patootie Topper RH4 - Silver Foil Topper in a clear base. Show over clear and over a dark color

Dammit Janet RH5 - white shimmer

Dr. Frank-N-Furter RH6 - Blue Shimmer to match the Dr's Eye Shadow 

Wild & Untamed RH7 - Thermal solid black to red 

Virgins RH8 - solid beige 

Make You A Man RH9 - Beige base With Gold Chunky Glitter 

Time Warp RH10 - Clear with black fine glitter and chunky bright multicolored glitter. Use as a topper or do several layers for full coverage 

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